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A Study on the Gospels with Pastor Barton
From the beginning of human history we have learned and evolved with the help of great story telling.  Many of you know by now I am huge fan of the four Gospels.  The stories of Jesus and his teachings have helped me tremendously with connecting to God, myself and others.  These stories have brought incredible clarity as to who I am.  They also have helped me to discover the true nature of God.  

We are going to embark on a new study on the Gospels.  However this time it will be different.  We will experience all four at the same time.  How does that happen?  We will see on Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM at church and for those who cannot physically attend via Zoom.  This will not be a course in memorizing scripture.  It will be an experience of seeing, hearing and knowing the life and teachings in one beautiful and powerful story.  

The book we will use to help us on our journey is; The Man From Galilee.  It is out of print and there are copies at many different prices available.  Owning a copy will be a lovely addition to your library.  However, because they are so hard to come by at an affordable price I will create a study guide for everyone to follow if you choose not to purchase the book. 

The book we will use to help us on our journey

The Man From Galilee

Zoom Etiquette
Windermere University values every participant. To help create an environment of safe space, we are asking each participant to be mindful that we are all in different places on our faith journey. Please remain open to hearing different perspectives.
1. Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking. This will help us minimize background noises and disruptions.
2. Please allow the speaker to finish without interruption. If you have something to add, please make a note to yourself to share later or use the chat feature at the bottom of your screen and the facilitators will make sure to include your responses before the class ends.
3. Talking is not a requirement. Please do not solicit comments from others. Some people prefer listening.
4. Our breakout rooms are intended for deeper reflection in smaller groups. We have time restraints in those rooms. Please keep your answers concise so that others have an opportunity to share.