I believe it was God's plan all along for us to be here now

When visiting my daughter over the past 7 years we would attend WUC when we were able. Since we were UCC'ers, we were happy to find a UCC church so close to her home. After the factory where I worked for 33 years in S. Florida Closed, we moved to Orlando to be near to my daughter and her family. We live in the same development, and I believe it was God's plan all along for us to be here now.

Windermere Union Church is a place where I can go to be blessed by a warm friendly group of members, hear wonderful music, and most importantly receive the word of God from engaging thought-provoking Ministers. It is nice having a place to gather and be a part of something bigger than myself.

The people are warm, friendly and care about each as we are all God's children and are to be loved as he loves us. There is no feeling of pressure of any kind from Clergy, Staff, or members, just come as you are as all are welcome.

Phil Costello

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