Virtual Church 2020-05-03 Beloved Community

May 3, 2020

This week we will explore the blessing of beloved community. The early church did not have a worship staff or Google to inform their worship experience. What they did have was the Holy Spirit and human spirit connecting to create an authentic space for transformation. Their faithful practice created a movement of empowerment and healing. They were open to that which is organic and new. As we are living in this season of uncertainty, how do we rekindle our passion? How can we be authentic and accountable space for an emerging community?

Some of our points of discussion include:

  • When they were together, they were fully present. 
  • Individual stories impact our collective story.
  • Intentionality breeds success.
  • Breaking bread is symbolic of social and spiritual solidarity.
  • What practices are we holding fast to that expands our capacity? Which practices do we need to let go?
  • Does the building define our identity?
  • How do we want to be known?
  • Generosity is contagious.
  • Our best selves emerge in community.
  • What are we doing with the pause?

Call to Celebration

God, thank you for life with power. Your Spirit is our life source.

We are a community of hope. We are a community of hope.

We embody your principles of love.

We are experiencing unprecedented times.

We are clinging to the hope that new is transformative. Amen


God, in this season of all things new, surround us with peace. Acknowledging feelings of uncertainty is not weakness. Expressing vulnerabilities reveal strength. However, remind us that we have a community that supports us on our journey. As we move toward becoming more authentic, empower us to be gentle with ourselves as we are living and moving through uncertainty…Amen

Bringing in the Light


Stewardship Announcement

Prayers and Concerns

Children's Moment

Music Ministry - Hold On

Scripture & Sermon Beloved Community

Acts 2:42-47


Extinguishing the Light

A Prayer for Peace and Restoration

Spirit of the Living God, renew our spirit. We are discontented. We are ready for this moment, this period, to change. May frustration lead to exploration of the beauty of being. May struggle propel me toward invention. When plateaus are evident, may we seek the Rock of abundance for strength. Amen

Rev. LaTrell Harrison

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