Virtual Church 2020-08-02 Oh Stayed with Discovering Miracles

August 2, 2020

Miracles are for real! Perhaps they have lost “stardom” because we are expecting them to show
up in grandeur. I submit to you that they happen more often than not. We have either become
immune to them or they seem so commonplace that we cannot see them.

In today’s lesson we will explore the significance of context, the power in presence and the
present, and how trust, gifts and perspective can create miracles.

Some of the highlights in today’s texts:

  • Location expanded opportunities for the marginalized.
  • What we have now is enough to create abundance.
  • What will we do with the leftovers?

Call to Celebration

God of Attentiveness, thank you for being present in all places.
You are more present than we sometimes realize or anticipate.
Leader Are miracles for real?
Imprints of your divine presence are in plain sight.
Leader Are sacred spaces required for miracles?
Miracles have no boundaries.
Leader In the kingdom of God abundance shows up anywhere.
Open our eyes, Holy God, to the divine action that is happening now. Amen


Amazing God, your presence is within us. So often our search takes us outside when what we have been searching for is embedded inside. Help us not to take for granted what you have given us now. Open our hearts to your daily bread. Amen. 

Bringing in the Light 


Celebrations and Concerns

Children's Moment


Call to Celebration

Music Ministry


Matthew 14: 13-21


Extinguishing the Light

A Prayer for Peace and Restoration

Divine One, so often we live our lives compartmentalizing. We do so to preserve and protect
our souls. As we continue to move through this time of quarantine, reveal to us the power that
lies within so that we can become one self and not a divided self. Amen

Rev. LaTrell Harrison

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