Virtual Church 2020-09-13 The Parable of the Ungrateful Servant

September 13, 2020

The Parable of the Ungrateful Servant seems to illustrate what happens when limited forgiveness prevails. In the end, everyone suffers. I believe Jesus used hyperbole to convey that forgiveness was serious. Being able to forgive and accept forgiveness is vital to our becoming whole and complete. God’s forgiveness is limitless. When we forgive and accept forgiveness limitlessly, we become more like God.

•Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert
•Forgiveness is Serious Business
•God forgives endlessly
•Peter wanted to know how many times you should forgive someone.
•Jesus illustrates in the parable what happens when there is little to no forgiveness.
•Without abundant forgiveness everyone suffers
•What are the consequences of not forgiving others or oneself?
•Forgiveness is not saying "I no longer feel the pain." Rather, forgiveness is saying "I no longer feel the need to hold on to your involvement in my pain.”
•Those who forgive and accept forgiveness become liberated from the harsh Master in our mind.
•We then continue with our life in a more productive and loving way!
•We become more like God when we have the capacity to forgive others and ourselves endlessly.
•The story of Anthony Colon and Micheal Rowe
•Colon walked straight up to him and said: "Brother, I've been praying for you. I forgave you. I've been praying    I would see you again." The meeting would transform both men's lives.

--Rose Arce, "From anger to forgiveness: Man befriends brother's killer," CNN, April 13,2013.
•Forgiveness is serious!

•To forgive and accept forgiveness is crucial to become a whole human being.

•We become more like God when we have the capacity to forgive others and ourselves endlessly.

Call to Celebration

God of Liberation, we enter this time of worship in gratitude!
We joyfully exclaim we are forgiven!
We have bee released from the past.

We embrace our present in faith.
We believe in the power of grace!
Empower us to share our stories of grace so that others may experience the beauty of infinite love. Amen


Limitless, boundless, immeasurable, unfathomable, inexhaustible, undefined and wide-open are descriptors of your unmerited favor toward us. God, as we are evolving on our journey, help us to be mindful that it is in sharing we expand our capacity to give and receive. Amen

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Extinguishing the Light

Matthew 18: 21-35

A Prayer for Peace and Restoration

God, when darkness confronts us overtly, reminds us that light is more powerful. Retreating is not necessary. Light can stand where it is and overcome darkness. Morning is anew. Amen

Rev. LaTrell Harrison

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