Virtual Church 2020-09-27 Authority!

September 27, 2020

Today’s passage explores authority.  Who has it?  Where do you get it from?  The religious leaders of Jesus’ day challenge him as to where he got the authority do teach like he does.  Jesus turns their question around on them.  Their response to Jesus’ question as to where John’s message of baptism came form, Heaven or human origin was, “We don’t know.”  That response was a lie. They were afraid to answer his question honestly.  What Jesus seems to demonstrate in his parable and his charge against the religious leaders one’s authority comes from honesty and what kind of fruit one produces in this world.

  • Where does your authority come from?
  • Band of Brothers.  A conversation about who Easy Company’s real leader was.
  • Our Authority is manifested in what we are able to do and be
  • The parable of the two sons.  
  • The answers you seek are available.  Ruthie’s illustration of the Hunters and gatherers.
  • Where does our authority come from?  
  • By What Authority?  Jesus’ authority came from within.  
  • The religious leaders Gave Nothing because there was Nothing There to Give
  • The religious leaders may have had the civil power but they were spiritually void.  
  • The Dalai Lama said it well: "Every change of mind is first of all a change of heart.”  
  • Our Authority is the Realm of God that dwells within us.  It is our job to discover that realm and learn, grow and evolve from it.  Then the Fruit we bare will mirror who we really are! 
  • Thus ends the lesson

Call to Celebration

God of Knowing, we enter this space seeking oneness.
Our prayer is integration of heart, mind and spirit.
Facts distract us from going within.
Truth is beneath the surface.
Fear touts righteousness.
Disciples seek transformation. Amen.


God, we are your beloved. The outer blocks interfere with hearing what is within. As we cultivate the discipline of listening to our authenticity, help us to let go of our defenses in order to hear the authentic in others. Amen. 

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Matthew 21:23-32

A Prayer for Peace and Restoration

God, there are days we want to hide, because it gives us a sense of security. Our hearts break in that violence and injustice are the overwhelming narratives we see. Words fail us. When my eyes cannot see the Persistent Love you are, open my soul to my Inner Knowing, that is the place that always speaks truth and peace. Amen

Rev. LaTrell Harrison

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