Virtual Church 2020-11-01 People and Religion can Wear Masks

November 1, 2020

Jesus address how people and religion can wear a masks. Wearing a mask is burdensome! Jesus challenges us to let the masks go so nothing interferes with our relationship with God, Self and Others. 

•Hypocrites/Greek Theater/Masks
•Masks of Religion
•Jesus was not there to destroy or trash his religion/UnMask It!
•His religion had become a burden for the people/
•No longer a means to grow closer to God.
•Religion is a means to enlightenment, the End.
•Doctrines, Faith Practices and Belief Systems become equated with God
•Break the rules, Breaking God.
•Religious leaders placing a burden on the people they themselves were not willing to bear.
•Richard Winters Band of Brothers
•Religious People wear their Religious masks
•Fear people will know who they really are.
•Wearing a mass and living a facade is burdensome.
•Dave Letterman My Next Guest. Ellen DeGeneres/Dave Chappell
•It is very hard work and burdensome to pretend to be someone else.
•Who are you in your day dreams.
•Each of us is a unique creation. Live our life honestly.
•WUC Practice our Faith honestly.
•We empower each other to discard our masks and become our truest and best self. The

Call to Celebration

We enter this space in gratitude for the lessons learned.
We come open to seeing through new lenses. 
What are we practicing?
Our hope is to let go of pride.
Are we living on the surface?
We are committing ourselves to living more fully.
Truth and love aligns us with the teachings of Jesus.
Jesus showed us a more excellent way. When we give our hearts completely to the practice of love, the closer we become to fulfilling the kin-dom of God.  Amen


God, you have shown us that our collective gifts act as a powerful healing agent when grounded in the Source of Our Being. As we practice shedding fallacy, give us the courage to sit in uncomfortable truths that light the path of healing and wholeness.  Amen

Bringing in the Light 


Stewardship Moment 

Celebrations & Concerns

All Saints Sunday

Music Ministry 

Children's Moment



Matthew 23: 1-12


Taking the Light into the World

A Prayer for Peace and Restoration

God, in the midst of things we cannot understand, restore our peace. As we reconcile our hearts with what is currently and what we hope for, inspire us to continue our faith journey with expectation that Good News is all around us. Amen

Rev. LaTrell Harrison

  • Jenn amazing job for explaining our need to push thru giving for allowing the church to continue Service
    Barton is inspiring as always

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