Virtual Church 2021-01-24 Popping up!

January 24, 2021

When Jesus says, “The time is now!” He is talking about engaging with eternity. We have survived the year 2020. However, it seems the time (kairos) has opened a door for us to enter and thrive. Jesus called his disciples during a hard-economic time when they were occupied by Rome. His challenge to them is the same to us. Hear and believe in the Good News God’s Kingdom is Now!

  • You know the feeling when you are giving it your best, but it does not seem good enough.
  • That is the way 2020 felt to me. We are giving all we’ve got, and it still is not enough.
  • Ministry without touch is just not good enough.
  • Herod Antipas moved his capital to Galilee. This is the same Herod that beheaded John the Baptist
  • When Jesus called the four men from their fishing business, they left it immediately.
  • James and John, sons of Zebedee were working with their dad when they dropped everything. That simply was not done in the first century. (Sons of Thunder!)
  • Would be disciple wanted to follow Jesus. Jesus said come along. Well I have to bury my father first. He could not follow Jesus until his dad died. Let the dead bury the dead.
  • How could they have left without any protest at all.
  • Dr. Crossan: Herod Antipas industrialized fishing and was driving the small family businesses out of the market. Super Walmart outside of a small town.
  • Their economy was shot.

The time has come—-kairos—One of my favorite scene in the movie Lincoln. The time is NOW we pass the 13th amendment and abolish slavery in this country once and for all! Now!

  • Believe in Good New! The Kingdom of God is near.
  • Parasailing, came close to drowning. Popped up.
  • Congregational meeting was the pop-up moment for me.
  • Last year was trying to figure out how to survive.

The TIME has Come. Kairos!

  • This year we learn how to thrive and rebuild!
  • The Kingdom of God is near! Within us.
  • Recreate WUC and go about God’s purpose in Soul Making!

Call to Celebration

God of Presence, we enter into this space with joy.

We are thankful for your companionship and the ways you call us into new adventures.

You have called us to a life of partnership in building community.

You sustain us by offering us a lifetime of grace.

Your presence is not short-term.

You are with us for a lifetime and beyond. Amen.  


Generous God, we treasure those moments when we feel you near. In the silence and ambiguity we become numb by all the noise. Help us to remember that your presence is not for one moment, but for a lifetime. As we offer our gifts before you, enable us to recall the power of our presence. Amen. 

Bringing in the Light 


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Mark 1: 14-20

Taking the Light into the World

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