Virtual Church 2021-02-14 Mark 9: 2-9

February 14, 2021

Today we are going to focus on Transfiguration. The passage gives us two clues as to what not to do and what God wants from us. Transfiguration is hard and requires a total commitment to “Aliveness.”

Can’t I just take a pill? Don’t you have a special prayer to make it all go away?

  • You want to be Transfigured you have to be totally commit yourself to Aliveness! Otherwise you live a life of making do. Saints of Mediocrity!
  • How do we become transfigured?
  • First a little background.
  • A mountain top was a very common place to receive a revelation from God
  • Experience on a mountain top. Moses Law/Elijah where he discovered the still small voice.
  • They were not Ghosts! It was their eternal energy communing with Jesus’ eternal energy.
  • Jesus, Moses, Elijah—bright light energy. Very Much Alive.

“There was so much electricity in the air!”

  • Moses and Elijah also were transfigured after their life on earth.
  • In this story we see clearly what not to do even though it is tempting.
  • Peter wants to get busy——They were not witnessing this to make monuments
  • They were there to witness what they too could become and experience.
  • They were there to witness what was way beyond their ego minds and experience it too! They were not there to find distractions because it was to weird to deal with it!
  • How many of you have been on a retreat and experienced an epiphany! Then find yourself a few days later explaining it all away.
  • God covers them in a cloud, theophany.

“This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!”

  • This message from God is what has been my greatest joy and light to my spiritual path.
  • Knowing intimately who Jesus was and what he taught has helped me in my journey toward being transfigured
  • He shows me what is like to be human. Human, not in the sense of excusing the mistakes I have made.
  • Human in the sense of living more each day conscious of my soul self. In spite of the chaos of this world to come closer each day to finding peace in the midst of the storm
  • He teaches me what I need to do to be conscious of the Divine in me and make that transition from my ego mind to my full spiritual expression
  • It is hard. It is the hardest thing for me.
  • Why? There are so many distractions!

Can’t I just take a pill? Don’t you have a special prayer to make it all go away?

  • Athletes, scientist, Vaccine for Covid-19 ——we celebrate the end result. \
  • We are not aware of the work, successes and failures and the hours experienced before the end result.

"The harder I practice, the luckier I get.” Gary Player

  • Making my sculpture I was done with it. I just wanted it done. Looking for short cuts. Decided this work of art must represent the very best of who I was then.
  • If this Sculpture is going to speak to people and inspire them then I need to put my whole heart, soul, blood sweat and tears in it.
  • That sculpture revealed to me a level of excellence I did not know I had.
  • I will do the work until it is complete!
  • Can’t I just take a pill? Don’t you have a special prayer to make it all go away?
  • If I did I would not give it to you. Why?

If we clip the cocoon of the butterfly to make it easier for it to emerge then what we discover then the lovely peaceful creature does not have the strength to fly.

  • This I believe is what Transfiguration is…learning and building the strength to fly.
  • Becoming the fullest expression of ourselves is a very difficult path.
  • The reward is great! We come closer to living in oneness with God.
  • We experience “Aliveness!”

Who knows, maybe someday in the future we will have a conversation with Jesus on top of a mountain with his disciples close by.

Thus Ends the lesson

Call to Celebration

We enter these sacred grounds with renewed hope.

In your presence we will receive restoration and power.

We are authorized disciples of grace.

You have transformed our eyes to seeing all things new.

We are the epicenter of healing.

We are an integral part of creation’s evolution. Let it be so. Amen


God, you reveal all things. Becoming is not an instant magic trick. And hiding is asphyxiating. You have shown us what is most courageous. “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” May we embrace the brilliance of the light. Amen

(the quoted sentence is from Zora Neale Hurston’s Memoirs)

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Mark 9: 2-9

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