Virtual Church 2021-04-18 Peace Wholeness and Enlightenment

April 18, 2021

  • Unfinished business from grandpa
  • My friend’s response to his grandmother, “Grandma, you know I love you. I need you to take care of all of your business with me before you go. Don’t go showing up in my bedroom in the middle of the night!”
  • There were other post resurrection stories. Women at the tomb, followers on the road to Emmaus. The disciples are still disbelieving and frightened. As the story is presented you cannot blame them.
  • What was the purpose of Jesus’ post resurrection experiences? He had unfinished business and he needed his disciples to understand.

"that it is I myself.”

  • Coming face to face with Jesus brings the disciples to an experience of joy coupled with disbelief -- an odd yet tellingly insightful glimpse into human reactions. As the NEB expresses it, this is a "seems too good to be true" kind of response.
  • He opened their minds so they could understand the scriptures.
  • My little Theological box
  • Students in Seminary did not go there to learn anything.

Repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. 48 You are witnesses of these things.

  • Repentance—an about face.
  • Forgiveness of sins—harmatia, missing the mark.
  • However, it is the Greek word that comes before sin, ἄφεσιν (They Seen) to release from bondage or imprisonment. The pardon of sins as if they had never happened.

I had become a prisoner to my own mistakes!

Translate into, “I do not deserve anything that is good or glorious.”

  • We allow our guilt and shame to keep us from moving forward. Feeling sad, being disappointed and even discouraged when we miss the mark is a normal human reaction. However, know God, loves you and does not hold it against you. I believe God wants to see how you turn it around.
  • Preached in his Name!
  • Jesus comes bringing peace and wholeness.
  • Why is this Important?
  • I am recently saw a news report about an Army veteran named John Crabtree who had been receiving benefits from the government. Evidently he had been wounded in Vietnam and was now on permanent disability. One day, out of the blue, he received an official notification from the government of his own death. Needless to say, this was quite a shock!

Mr. Crabtree wrote the government a letter stating that he was indeed very much alive and would like to continue receiving his benefits. The letter did no good. He then tried calling the government. (Have you ever tried to call the government? This required the patience of Job and the persistence of Noah!)

The phone calls didn't change the situation either. Finally, as a last resort, the veteran contacted a local television station, which ran a human-interest story about his situation.

During the interview, the reporter asked him,

"How do you feel about this whole ordeal?" The veteran chuckled and said, "Well, I feel a little frustrated by it.

After all, have you ever tried to prove that you're alive?"

--R. Scott Colglazier,

Finding a Faith That Makes Sense

(St. Louis: Chalice Press, 1996), 116-117.

  • The stories of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus, the tools I have been given to have a deeper understanding about Jesus have helped me become ALIVE!
  • Jesus brings us Peace, Wholeness, Enlightenment!
  • He releases us from bondage and imprisonment of Guilt and Shame.
  • When we live in his name we live in his character, essence.
  • Jesus’ life helps us to know life and live it most fully!

Call to Celebration

It is good to be present in a place that anticipates the presence of God.

Holy One, employ your spirit among us. 

In your presence fear dissipates.

We release our phantoms and embrace your life-giving spirit. 

Resurrections calls us to enlightenment and freedom.

We are awakened! We choose to live abundantly whole.



Divine Wisdom, nothing remains hidden or dead in your presence. As we embrace the new life  you offer through resurrection, give us the courage to reimagine the work you are calling us to next. Amen

Luke 24:36-48 NIV

Bringing in the Light 


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Luke 24:36-48 NIV

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