Virtual Church 2021-05-02 John 15: 1-8

May 2, 2021

Call to Celebration

God of Interconnection, abide in our sacred space today.

You have opened yourself to intimacy with all of your creation. 

You carefully prune excessive and unnecessary weight.

Pruned branches guarantees harvest. 

Pruned branches are close to the Vine.

Everything that is close to you receives tender and sturdy care.

Your touch insures our growth.

We are in the Vine. The Vine is within us. Amen


God, you have chosen us to yield a harvest. You carefully craft the skills we need to produce again and again. When the weight of fruit overwhelm our vessel, remind us to reconnect to the Vine that is close for saturation and maturation. Amen

John 15: 1-8 NIV

Bringing in the Light 


Concerns & Celebrations


Children's Moment

Praise Song


John 15: 1-8 NIV

Taking the Light into theWorld

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