Praying for Change, Showing Up for Results

October 18, 2018

By David Housel

How would you like it if an oil well stood just 60 feet from your home?

Well, that is the problem in Southern Los Angeles.

Currently, there are more than 5,000 active wells in about 70 drill sites across Los Angeles County. The majority are in poor neighborhoods.

Due to the fact that it’s becoming harder to extract the oil, fracking has now become a standard process. So large amounts of chemicals, like formaldehyde, hydrofluoric acid and others are brought into these neighborhoods, raising much concern about the risks.

Churches have become involved to effect a change. Many changes have been instituted because these people who’s lives are directly affected by this enterprise show up at a Commission meetings and let the community leaders hear their concerns.

These leaders are crediting these individuals representing their churches, with responsible sharing of their fears and negative results of what already is in place.

Praying has been an important component of their actions, but showing up at civic meetings is crucial.

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