Christmas at Windermere Union Church

November 28, 2018

Christmas is about having real joy. Windermere Union Church is where you may find real happiness, peace, and joy. But during the Christmas season, the atmosphere is even more joyful and uplifting, and the Christmas spirit lasts all the month of December and even beyond.

Here are some special holiday events.  All are welcome.

Christmas Cantata, First Sunday of December

First  Sunday of  December 10 am, the church choir performs a Christmas cantata, which is a musical production that tells a story.  This year will be a wonderful look at the true meaning of Christmas.  Multi-talented church music director, Kevin Harris, conducts all the musical performances of the church, and when he sings, his voice is nothing less than outstanding.

Multigenerational Christmas Pageant, Second Sunday of December

On the second Sunday of  December,  at 10 am, the annual multigenerational Christmas pageant will be presented.  The very talented Chris Stumpf writes and directs the pageant, as she has in previous years, and the congregation always looks forward to her creative and inspiring storytelling.

Praise Team Musical Event, Third Sunday of December

On the third Sunday at the 10 am service, there will be a very special musical presentation story told by musical director,  Troy Dolendo and the Windermere Union Church Praise Team.

Traditional Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Dec 24

The Christmas Eve Candlelight service on December 24, at 6 pm will be a special celebration with traditional Christmas carols to tell the story of the birth of the Christ child.

As in the past, a special offering will be taken for KIVA, a non-profit international organization with the mission to connect people through lending small sums of money to alleviate poverty in many of the poorest countries of the world.

But the last few minutes of the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service may be the most memorable as each person in the congregation is given a candle to light, and the glow throughout the darkened sanctuary is most inspirational.  Then each person slowly and quietly leaves the church to enter back into our earthly world and await the celebration of the birthday of the baby Jesus.

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