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June 21, 2020

Today I will be preaching from the Valley of Fire in Nevada. Jesus continues to prepare his disciples for the work they are going to do. He is also warning them that they will meet resistance in their ministries of of Justice and Healing. Discrediting the messenger of any movement is a common practice for those in power. In Jesus’ case they claimed he was Beelzebul, which in Hebrew means The Lord of the Flies. How are we to respond to the powers that attempt to shut us down? Today’s sermon helps us to figure that out.

•Do Not Be Afraid of those who attempt to silence and stop you from being agents of healing and justice.
•Remember where we get our wisdom and our strength. Remember who it is that gives us the authority to do Christ’s work in this world!
•The Koine Greek word for Authority is; The Power To Choose!
•Jesus did not come to bring peace to the world. The Greek word for peace more literally translated is, Tranquility.
•Most of human advances and evolution come from a place of chaos and upheaval.
•A disciples enemies will often be members of his/her own household.
•Jesus uses hyperbole to make the point, we must fulfill our purpose in this world in the face of resistance from those closest to us.
•The Greek word for “Love,” is not the common word, agape-which means unconditional love. The Greek word used is philios-which is a general love for people.
•To find it—-After searching to find a thing sought!
•What is our primary job as disciples? Our jobs are to be healers in a broken world. Not everyone will appreciate our effort. Regardless, do not be afraid….

Call to Celebration

God, we enter into this scared space to celebrate your Living Presence.
Our faith is a living organism.
Our celebration is not a private ceremony.
We publicly profess that God is in all places.

Our mission is to speak The Truth openly.

Holy God, empower us to boldly proclaim that soul living transforms the world. Amen.


Living God, you have shown us the power of living into the Light. You have broken through all barriers to reveal Truth lived openly heals. Continue to enlighten us so we may awaken to the Truth that matters. Amen.

Bringing in the Light


Celebrations and Concerns

Father's Day Surprise

Children's Moment

Music Ministry

Scripture & Sermon

Extinguishing the Light

Matthew 10:24-39

A Prayer for Peace and Restoration

God of Peace, hear our prayer,
“Cherish your visions.
Cherish your ideals.
Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that
drapes your purest thoughts.
For out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment, of these, if you but
remain true to them, your world will at las be built.”

Quote from: James Allen’s,  As A Man Thinketh

  • Thank you Barton for sharing – The amazing power of nature for the background of today’s sermon. It matches the amazing power of our voice & to Amplify so we can share the love and healing that we and the planet needs so badly.

  • Troy, thank you for your excellent vocals and today’s praise song! It’s one we hear often on “the Z” (Z88.3 FM), and it was wonderful to have it as part of our worship!

    • I too am enjoying the incredible variety of music Troy is providing. I also appreciate the work he is doing producing a music video each week!

  • I appreciate the positive feedback about preaching in the Valley of Fire Nevada. I lived out my dream of being a voice crying out from the wilderness! 🙂

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