Virtual Church 2020-05-31 Finding Our Voice

May 31, 2020

Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday. It is also known as the birth of the church. This year the message from this story is about finding our voice. The disciples were all in the same place physically and spiritually. Then the Spirit of God broke through the barriers and empowered them to speak with their soul voice fearlessly. As we become more in tuned with the Spirit of God we become more conscious of who we are and what our purpose is. With clarity our true voice is our spirit voice. Our Spirit voice is our most authentic voice. Our authentic voice is a very powerful one. It has the power to change and create a new world.

•The spontaneity of the Spirit
•When the disciple used their authentic voice their message broke the language barriers.
•Their message to all the world means Jesus’ good news is not exclusive to one group of people or religion.
•An authentic voice is an empowered voice!
•When we speak with our Spirit voice people hear us. They do not always listen but, we are heard!
•Many people choose not to share their Spirit voice for fear of what others may think.
•A message I received during a meditation.

Your voice comforts,
Your voice brings healing,
Your voice helps others understand more deeply.
It is unjust and irresponsible to keep your voice to yourself.

•I believe this was not a message just for me. It is a message for everyone.
•Our authentic voice is a very import voice representing the Spirit of God

Call to Celebration

God of Infinite Wisdom, you understand our many languages.
Who we cannot clearly articulate our verbiage, you understand our needs. There are no boundaries in the words you speak.

Your message of love is explicitly expressed. 

When we become one, our message spreads like a wildfire.
We see you and hear you profoundly in the breaking of bread.
The Spirit fills us anew. Love is a captivating power that heals all things. Amen


O Great Love, you speak a pure love language. It’s spoken and expressed in a variety of ways. Your presence empowers us to do wonderful things. In this season of Pentecost, may the gifts we bring provide healing and truth that all of humanity is worthy of
abundant life.  Amen

Bringing in the Light


Celebrations and Concerns

Lord's Prayer

Children's Moment

Music Ministry

Scripture & Sermon

Extinguishing the Light

Acts 2: 1-21

A Prayer for Peace and Restoration

O Divine Love, we are connected to one another by an inexplicable grace. There are no
experiences encountered alone. We are enveloped by an incredible Love that is faithful
and consistent. As we adjust to the unknown, empower us to hold on to the truth that
nothing overrides, overwhelms, or over powers the Persistent Love of a Constant
Companion.  Amen

Rev. LaTrell Harrison

  • very good sermon wait too bad we have to wait until we are older to understand what we can do.

  • Barton, I totally agree with your meditations that your authentic, spiritual voice comforts, heals and brings about deeper understanding. Another thought on voice that I read this week and resonated deeply for me — “Your voice can build up or bring down.” How powerful our voices are!

    I’d like to share something else that a friend passed along to me this week — a simple way to experience prayer, but powerful and could change the world if everyone did it — “Ten Steps to God” through prayer:

    1. Set aside 15 minutes for prayer in a location where you are physically relaxed and little likelihood for interruption and read one or two chapters of the Bible, listening to what God says to you. This helps to erase distracting thoughts.
    2. Close your eyes and give thanks for 3 personal blessings of which you are especially conscious today.
    3. Ask God to help 3 other persons who need God’s help today.
    4. Ask God to forgive your mistakes and give you the grace to forgive others.
    5. Ask God to help one person whom you find it hard to like and for the power to let God’s love flow through you to him or her.
    6. Ask that you will be sensitive to the needs of 1 person today with whom you can share God’s love in word or deed.
    7. Ask for insights into your personal challenges.
    8. Ask for help in achieving your personal goals.
    9, Ask for an insight on the most important thing you can do today to “seek first his kingdom.”
    10. Conclude by listening intently for 3 minutes as to what God may say to you. “God is Still Speaking” so it is good to “listen up!” 🙂

    With gratitude,

  • It was soooo good to see Kenny as the acolyte! And what perfect timing for this scripture and sermon about finding – and using – our voice. Thank you for addressing it in this way.

  • Thank you everyone for your messages. Your comments help us to deliver the worship experience your need more effectively. I love and miss you all!

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