Virtual Church 2020-11-22 It Truly is Obvious!

November 22, 2020

It seems everyone who is on a spiritual journey wants to know what God’s will is.  At this point of my journey the answer to that question is obvious and quite simple.  We can make the search for God’s will, so huge and abstract that's we become paralyzed and then do nothing.  I reflected back on the Gospels and I cannot recall Jesus asking that question.  He know who he was and what his purpose was.  He questioned how he would manifest his purpose while at the same time he was very clear about what he needed to do.

Today’s Parable of the Sheep and Goats seems to answer the question of what God wants form us pretty clearly.  What does God want?  I believe the Divine wants us to be active in showing compassion and kindness toward everyone.

  • Daniel and Kylie go to Homecoming Dance!
  • When we witness acts of kindness why do we react so strongly?
  • Our soul is responding to our absolute best!
  • It is an intuitive thing.
  • You do not have to ask WWJD!  It is in you.  Act according to your soul!
  • Why do we need to justify showing kindness in the name of Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, 
  • We do it it because it is the Right Thing To Do!!!!!!
  • What is God’s will for our life?

Be Kind,






  • On the way home from the Homecoming Dance Kylies sees Daniel crying.

Kylie, “Are you okay?   Daniel, “Yes, I am so happy!”

Kylie, “Good for you buddy.”  

  • When I was hungry/Fed me

When I was thirsty/Drink

Naked? Clothes

A Stranger/ You welcomed me

Sad you lifted my spirit

When I needed forgiveness you forgave me

When I needed love you loved me

When I was rejected you accepted me.

  • On Judgement day/ When you did this for everyone you did it for me.

Then God says, “Good for you buddy!”

Call to Celebration

All-Knowing God, thank you for sacred space to be our wholly selves.
You see us beyond our flesh.
We are your beloved.
You created us and called us good.
We are called to serve all of creation.
You modeled for us kin-dom.
The family of God is blended.
Empower us to make the family whole.



Giver of all life, you have created us to be conduits of healing. We surrender to the power of Love so that our assignment of     kin-dom is actualized. 


Bringing in the Light 


Concerns & Celebrations

Music Ministry 

Children's Moment



Matthew 25: 31-46

Taking the Light into the World

A Prayer for Peace and Restoration

United in Your Love
Almighty God, who are mother and father to us all,
Look upon your planet Earth divided.
Help us to know that we are all your children,
That all nations belong to one great family,
And that all of our religions lead to you.
Multiply our prayers in every land
Until the whole Earth becomes your congregation,
United in your love.
Sustain our vision of a peaceful future
And give us strength to work unceasingly
To make that vision real.

Helen Weaver

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