Virtual Church 2020-04-19 Questioning Thomas, not Doubting

April 18, 2020

Today’s message is about Thomas needing proof about the risen Christ.  Unfortunately he has been dubbed as Doubting Thomas.  I think that is terribly misleading.  I love the fact he asked questions.  When he did believe, it was HIS belief!  I hope you, too, will question and explore what you believe.  What we believe deeply often defines who we are.

Call to Celebration

God, thank you for filling all spaces and places. Your presence dismantles fear.

Your light expands possibilities. Your presence shifts the atmosphere.

Love and power are manifested where and when you are present.

We choose to believe that resurrection is a lifestyle and not an

event. Amen


God, every movement you make aligns all of creation in your pathway. Where Spirit moves transformation is apparent. Language can create barriers. Spirit breaks all barriers. Love needs no translation. Amen

Bringing in the Light


Stewardship Announcement

Prayers and Concerns

Children's Moment

Music Ministry

Jesus Appears to His Disciples

John 20:19-31

Extinguishing the Light

A Poem for Peace - Peace Shall Prevail

Peace shall prevail 

Peace cancels out fear 

Peace lies inside us 

Peace you can’t see, nor hear 

But peace is still here, in our hearts 

Peace is respected 

Peace is for man, woman and child 

Peace is determination  

Peace stops people going wild 

Peace shall prevail 

Pace shall never destroy 

Peace is for justice  

Peace will deploy 

Deploy to every continent  

Peace has strength 

Pace shall disintegrate violence 

Peace creates unity 

Peace creates silence 

(Sixth Grade Student at St. Pauls Primary, April 3, 2020, “Poems for Peace”

6th Grade Student

  • Enjoyed the service and of course the sermon.
    Safe journey and enjoy your trip. Liz Gmazel

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