July Wonderfully Unique Children’s Classroom News

July 12, 2023

RIDDLE:  If there are no children in church, will anyone listen to the children’s moment?

The answer is yes; just look at all of these young at heart participants. In case you are wondering what you missed, Horton rescued a town living on a speck of dust, reminding us that every person is our neighbor no matter how small or where they live, and that we should always love our neighbors.

--Thank you everyone who has sent a picture of your pet – the lemonade stand is looking so friendly. It is not too late to send a picture to Happyheart.chris@gmail.com
--We are still looking for books for the adult library. When we have 100 books, we will celebrate with a grand opening; we currently have about 30 books.
--Thanks to all who brought food to share at last week’s Fourth of July potluck. The food was wonderful and the company was the best.

Love to all,
The kids in the classroom and Miss Chris

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